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Focus is like a weapon that you wield to achieve your goals. To get the best results, you need to concentrate fully on the task at hand. There may be many obstacles on the way to the pinnacle of success, but rock-solid focus can trump these roadblocks with ease.


In order to have this unwavering focus, there are 3 things that you should keep in mind. These can help you lock your focus into place when you’re struggling to keep it together:


1. De-clutter

You have your ultimate goal in mind already. However, there are several things that you’re constantly thinking about at the same time. They make you waver away from your ultimate dream. Make sure to de-clutter the space around you and get rid of all distractions that bother you.

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This will help de-clutter your mind. Cut out social media for a few hours everyday and use this ‘me’ time to make some progress with something you’re working on. This will help recollect your concentration and recharge your batteries.


2. Manage, Focus, Avoid and Limit (or simply put, My Foot And Leg)

The mantra is simple. Manage your time – it’s the biggest favour you can do for yourself. Draw up a schedule and fit in your tasks accordingly. Abiding to it will help you optimize your resources and achieve your goal in a more organised fashion. Focus on what’s right ahead of you in your calendar. Work on the task at hand – don’t keep fretting over what is to come.

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Avoid giving in to the temptation to be lazy. Sloth is a sin, and it makes us unaware of how time passes. Limiting access to distractions, coupled with concentrated attention, will help you do wonders. A steady momentum will always smoothen the journey to your goal

3. Assess to motivate

Motivation helps maintain focus. Constantly reviewing your progress, or telling your peers to provide you with constructive criticism can often keep motivation alive. Keeping a personal, written record of progress is of great help.

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By following these tips, you can be covered on all grounds. A fortified castle always braces through wars. Make sure you are prepared to the t when you set out towards your goal. This will help you charge up your focus.  Through sharpening your ability to concentrate on one thing optimally, you build the foundations for success at any task!