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Maya allures, and pulls me away from my Soul
Backed by the incompleteness of my I,
Seeking fulfilment of Dreams to assure my existence

The promise comes from my dream world
The enchanting Other lives off another dream world
The merging choicelessly confines to the crosscut,
a sense of damper prevails, such limited encounter.
There is little else…

Even Brahma got enticed by own daughter in Usha, but Shiva prevailed
Glamour And Promise beckon,
but, Reality prevails
There is little else…

Dream away as many heavens, be lured into as many exploits
Only Actions out of Love, fulfil
Actions just for Result, deplete
There is little else…

Dream you will, so long as asunder from the universal I,
Just Stay with your Source
And take Actions that are fulfilling
There is nothing else.

-Sanjay Desai

Originally penned December 14th, 2012

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