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We realize we’ve been kind of AWOL, but this is what we’ve been super busy with. After months of fine-tuning and perfecting, we’re super excited to share with you that we’ve finally rolled out our open series for the workshop to the general audience!


The first of our 2-part program, this session of the Make You Happen Workshop saw a mixed group from 16 to 60 come together at antiSOCIAL on a December morning to chart out a solid course of action to make their dreams a reality.

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Here’s what the participants had to say about their experience:

Geared to take the first step towards fulfilling their dreams, we’ll be following up with an advanced level workshop for participants of round 1 to help them engage with the world in the next phase of their journey.





The first of many, watch this space to stay in the loop about our future workshops.

Together, let’s take the ConsciousLeap, Make You Happen!