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Throughout February and the 1st week of March, we worked to implement and enhance the workshop with feedback from the 1st pilot to ensure that our participants have a more rounded, holistic experience of inspired learning. As scheduled and promised, Team ConsciousLeap was back with the 2nd pilot of The Make You Happen Workshop on March 11th and 12th.




Over the past weekend, an eclectic mix of participants gave the workshop an infectious energy and enthusiasm. From a competitive match of Tug of War to guided introspection and meditation, our activities engaged participants across multiple planes through physical, emotional and cognitive activities unravelling to them their own answers and solutions.






While day 1 set the tone for the workshop by introducing and acclimatising the participants to the principles of manifesting and everything it entails, the end of day 2 saw a culmination that strengthened their understanding of the entire process by drawing a tangible process for themselves based on their own past and present experiences.

Inspired to put our principles into practice, we look forward to seeing how they experiment with the Make you Happen framework to manifest their most cherished dreams.


We would like to thank our observers and participants who dedicated two days to be a part of this session and provide us with critical feedback to ensure the Make You Happen experience is a fulfilling one. With just a few more finishing touches, we’ll be ready to guide and inspire many on their journey to success through the Make You Happen Workshop.