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        ConciousLeap has taken up this theme as its first offering, presented through the novel, Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands, an app, workshops and other media.

Why manifest your dreams? While Manifesting Dreams is an attractive proposition to get tangible results, ConsciousLeap believes that it is also a ladder to greater conscious living. How? My journey might shed some light on that. Let me take you through it.

This is the power residing in each one of us. If we exercise it we create our world, if we dont, we live in a world created by others.

It was 1994, and my practices of Reiki were resulting in some form of meditation. I began experiencing that small things that came to one’s mind would sometimes crystallize as exactly visualized. The repetition of this phenomenon was unnerving. A couple of years ago, I had met Ma Krishnanandgiri in a cave in the Himalayas. She had come to become a guiding force in my life. I took my observations to Ma Krishnanandgiri. She expressed no surprise, she confirmed that this is how we create our world. This is the power residing in each one of us. If we exercise it we create our world, if we dont, we live in a world created by others.

I had heard about creating our world and being responsible for it, but always took it as a collective cause. I never believed it to such a personal degree. My rational self expressed incredulity, but I also couldn’t dismiss my own cognizance. I, therefore, resolved to experiment with it.

I was a banker in my early 30s back then, seeking base level life security like most of my compatriots at that stage of career. An overseas assignment ensured that. This opportunity materialized for me. I however landed in an Islamic country with the responsibility to launch an insurance business. This brought with it its own set of challenges, as life insurance was considered un-Islamic. It took time but I persisted and we launched successfully. In the same year, I had a windfall from a small investment I had made in a start-up tech company, as the dotcom markets boomed. This gave me my nest egg. I couldn’t ignore these manifestations, that appeared to resonate with my meditation practice.

I took the dive into entrepreneurship, during the dotcom bust. My first start-up was a failure. 

Despite these, I remained doubtful and incredulous. Can this work, even if I went entrepreneurial and truly exposed myself to the world? I took the dive into entrepreneurship, during the dotcom bust. My first start-up was a failure. I tried again, and this 2nd venture is just over a $100m in turnover now, although we are not yet rewarded in accord. I also had an intermediary venture, which was met with intial success but got washed away by the 2008-09 financial crises.

So, did I experience creating what I wanted to see? Undoubtedly! Was it an unqualified success? No, not at all. My journey has been like trekking up and down the mountains in the Himalayas. It is a seemingly never-ending trek. You experience a stunning scenery as you reach a high point, but the dreaded drudgery of the climb up from the lows is some cost to bear.

Over the period of my journey, I had to adjust paths when faced with obstacles. I have sunk to my lows upon failure. I have become negative and lost hope. I have lost friends and well-wishers. The list of negativity is endless. To handle these, I would keep faith and meditate. This would help me turn positive again. I had learnt that meditation helps attract positive events and manifestations. But that wasn’t always possible. How do you just meditate when you are overwhelmed with a failure, a rejection or an unfavorable event?

How do you just meditate when you are overwhelmed with a failure, a rejection or an unfavorable event?

I had realised that positivity begets the positive, and negativity can be a vicious cycle. Therefore, it was critical to upturn any cycle of negativity. So, I would jog, listen to music, perform yoga, get a massage, watch movies, engaged and shared with friends. All of this would help me regain positivity. But, the climb back from the dumps to light and clarity, is steep.

I, however, realised during such transitions, that if one is alert, one can come face-to-face with one’s shadows. Taking things personally, blaming someone, being vengeful or jealous are all shadows of our own personality. They take us into whirls of negativity. It is not the event per se, but our own reaction to that event. These shadows entangle us in spirals of negativity and dysfunctional actions.

The pursuit of manifestion compels you to become positive and persistent again, thus, throwing up opportunities for you to meet your shadows and resolve them.

So, manifesting can help us meet ourselves, heal, and become a more complete person – greater than any previous self we’ve known.

A manifesting journey is considered as an exercise of our power in creating our world. But it goes well beyond.

Manifesting truly Makes You Happen.

– Sanjay Desai